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      SubChem Systems, Inc. is a Rhode Island small business, and contractor for the US Department of Defense. Our company offers specialized submersible chemical analyzers for nutrients, trace metals and other chemicals of interest. We also provide environmental data collection and analysis software, environmental and ocean engineering consulting services, and technical support for water quality monitoring in freshwater, coastal and ocean observation programsThe primary goal of our company is to develop and provide new and improved technology to the global environmental, oceanographic and defense markets - submersible chemical analyzers and sensor systems for water quality monitoring and underwater surveillance.


SubChem Analyzers Product Flyers:  Click to download this multi-product brochure on SubChem Analyzers in Adobe Acrobat format.


SubChem Analyzers are designed to be adaptable for deployment on a wide variety of ocean observation platforms including: shipboard profiling or towed sensor arrays, fixed-depth or vertical profiling moorings, autonomous underwater vehicles and gliders.



Real-Time Profiling or
Intermittent Sampling
Multi-Nutrient Capability
Rapid Response
High Resolution
In situ Calibration
Sensitive and Accurate


      With the commercial availability of the SubChem Analyzers, we are revolutionizing the way that limnologists, oceanographers, the environmental monitoring industry, and the military, can monitor and establish the concentrations and distributions of nutrients and other chemicals of interest in fresh and marine waters.

RESEARCH PROJECT HIGHLIGHT: Real-time time-series nutrient and water quality monitoring by the URI-GSO Nutrient Sensing Lab, funded by NOAA/NERACOOS.

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                    Telephone: 401.783.4744 Ext. 102


                    FAX: 401.783.4744   


                    Postal address: URI Bay Campus, 65 Pier Road, Narragansett, RI 02882 USA


                                                                        Email: Hanson@subchem.com

Celebrating Fifteen Years in Business


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